Ashley Cavaliere is a Connecticut based voice over artist who can be  heard on radio stations all across the country as well as Australia.  

 In school, Ashley  was the girl in class who couldn't wait to read out  loud (those times most of us dreaded!) and when she asked what she  wanted to be when she grew up, the answer was always "a voice over".  (Thank you Lion King!) 

She began her career in radio as an intern in 2007 at the age of 19, and  has built her way up since then. 

 Ashley is on air mid days for iHeartRadio's WKCI-FM KC101.3 as well as  their Production and Imaging Director.  She is one of the national voice overs for Total Traffic & Weather  Network, as well as the national voice over for Macy's and others  through the Creative Services Group. She is the imaging voice for various stations including KXXM San  Antonio, KDWB Minneapolis, Z017-7 St. Louis, and many iHeartRadio app  channels. Her voice is referred to as "friendly, fun and bubbly to girl-next-door  type to sultry".   She has a relatable voice that is very natural and sounds like you're  listening to your best friend! You can now also get Ashley's voice for radio barter through Benztown

In her personal time, Ashley is very involved in animal rescue. Growing  up on a farm really inspired her love for animals - and she is a foster  mom for dogs and cats who are looking for their forever homes through Thank Dog Rescue!   

Ashley offers a quick turn around time, she is very pleasant and fun to  work with, and will make sure she gives you the exact sound you are  looking for with her wide range of  talent! She is looking forward to  working with you :)